The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust Memory and Information Processing Battery (BMIPB)


The BMIPB is a collection of tests used by Clinical Psychologists to measure the effects of damage to the brain on memory and other cognitive abilities. It is used in English-speaking countries around the world and can inform clinicians’ planning of individual rehabilitation programmes and follow a person’s recovery. It is also useful in the diagnosis and monitoring of conditions such as dementia, to see how rapidly they are progressing and provide help and support accordingly.

service user and support worker in the sensory room at Graham Anderson House

The test battery includes seven sub-tests and has been calibrated on a group of 300 British healthy adults ranging in age from 16 to 89. It is not only used by the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) but by many other clinical services. The BMIPB was developed in 2007 by Dr Michael Oddy in collaboration with Dr Tony Coughlan (the creator of the original version of the battery) and Professor John Crawford, an expert in test construction from the University of Aberdeen.

We are currently completing the process of updating the existing test. The BMIPB-II will be available for purchase through the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust in mid-2019.

To purchase the current BMIPB, please fill in the BMIPB Registration form and return to:

Frances Pitwell
The Disabilities Trust
3 Westgate Court
Silkwood Park

Email: Tel: 01924 269393


The development of the BMIPB-II

Work on the revision of the BMIPB began in 2016, with the development of updated and extended materials.

To gather reference (normative) data for use in a clinical setting, 500 participants were recruited over two years.

Participants were recruited from across the country and from different backgrounds to provide a sample which is representative of the general population.

Work is currently underway to prepare the BMIPB-II for publication in mid-2019.

If you would like to register your interest in the BMIPB-II and receive updates ahead of the publication date, please contact Sara da Silva Ramos.

Phone:01403 799 164

For more information:

New in the BMIBP-II

The new version of the test, which is due to be published this year, includes measures of:


  • Coloured Picture Naming
  • Description Naming

Memory and Learning

  • Story Recall
  • Figure Recall
  • List Learning
  • Word Recognition
  • Design Learning**
  • Design Recognition**
  • Story 7-Day Recall and Recognition*
  • List 7-Day Recall*
  • Reliable Digit Span*

Executive Function

  • Verbal Fluency (Semantic, Letter and Alternate)*
  • Speed of Information Processing

· Motor Form

· Oral Form*

(* New in this edition)
(** Revised in this edition)