BIRT’s research team are keen to keep up with recent scientific meetings and events. Earlier in the year, members of the team attended the British Neuropsychological Society’s Spring Meeting. Ashleigh Madigan, the Assistant Psychologist working on clinical evaluation and research, attended the exciting two-day meeting and has shared some highlights:

“The first day of the meeting included talks from academics working in a variety of research departments at Universities across the UK.The talks covered topics such as the ‘the suppression of unwanted memories’ and ‘knowledge and memory in the brain’. The keynote speaker, Professor Michael Kopelman, discussed the anomalies of autobiographical memory. Professor Kopelman considered theories explaining confabulation, and the different types of amnesia.

"The second day of the meeting was joint with the British Psychological Society’s Division of Neuropsychology. The symposium was titled ‘The future transformation of
neuropsychology: conceptual, practical and ethical issues’. The speakers considered the use of IT and digital health technology in neuropsychological rehabilitation. One of the speakers presented on the ethical issues of using robotic or artificial intelligence in care for people with neuropsychological conditions. This was very thought-provoking for the audience, particularly as they were a combination of academics and clinicians.

"The speaker, Professor Robin Morris, exhibited a list of questions that professionals should ask themselves when considering the use of robotics in care; for example, “Does the use of this technology enable the patient to live a life that is meaningful and satisfying?”.

"The entire event was filled with great insights from innovative research, particularly into how neuropsychology and those working in neuropsychological rehabilitation may use
technology in the future. I look forward to hopefully attending the next meeting in Autumn 2018!”

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