Dr Sue Copstick

Sue took over the role of Clinical Director of The Disabilities Trust in March 2014. Her interests are in improving neuropsychological assessment of brain function and in the integration of positive psychology within the neurobehavioural approach. These are at the heart of the service evaluation, service development and translational research activities within the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust.

Dr Sara da Silva Ramos

Sara is a Research Fellow in The Disabilities Trust. A Chartered Psychologist with experience in neuropsychology, and psycholinguistic research and practice. Her role in the Trust involves coordinating and implementing service evaluation and research projects, as well as supporting our multidisciplinary teams to contribute to building “practice based evidence”. Sara’s main research interests lie on understanding the factors that influence the outcome of acquired brain injury rehabilitation, and in the use of technology to support independent living.

Dr Brian O’Neill

Brian is the consultant at Graham Anderson House, Glasgow. His research interests are the disabling aspects of brain injury that pose rehabilitation challenges, executive impairments, and emotional dysregulation. Through an understanding of how neuropsychological function relates to participation, he is interested in how assistive technology for cognition can improve functional outcome. In his most recent project he has been working with colleagues at the University of Stirling to develop wearable technologies to identify episodes of emotional dysregulation associated with challenging behaviour.

Dr Ivan Pitman

Ivan is the consultant at Redford Court in Liverpool and to the BIRTCommunity Services within the North West. His main research interests focus on the impact of traumatic brain injury among prisoners and its implications in offender rehabilitation.

Dr Miles Rogish

Miles is consultant at York House. He has worked for BIRT since 2003. His research interests include traumatic brain injury, neurobehavioural rehabilitation, and the impact of neurological disability on family systems functioning.

Tom Griffiths is the Assistant Psychologist working on the Outcome Measures. He also assists on other projects throughout the Trust.