Our highlights from the 19th NR-SIG-WFNR Conference

26 October 2022

We were pleased to mark our return to the international conference trail, after the pandemic-related hiatus, to take part in this year’s edition of the NR-SIG-WFNR Conference.

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Why are meaningful goals important in rehabilitation, and how to keep our eyes on it

28 September 2022

Inspired by our eight rehab mantra “Eyes on the goal”, this month we turned our attention to the importance of using goals in rehabilitation.

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What is the neurobehavioural therapy approach to brain injury rehabilitation?

01 September 2022

People often wonder how rehabilitation works, and what it can achieve. A paper recently published on Frontiers Rehabilitation Sciences [1] describes how we do it in The Disabilities Trust.

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Understanding loneliness after brain injury

26 July 2022

This month we turn our attention to a recent article written by an international team of researchers, comprising of our own colleagues.

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How research can promote good practice and innovation

28 June 2022

The Research Month initiative intends to encourage people to get involved and to raise awareness of the importance of research in promoting good practice and innovation.

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Ambitions for research in acquired brain injury

25 May 2022

The ongoing Call for Evidence to inform the Government’s national strategy on Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) has prompted us to reflect on our ambitions for research in acquired brain injury.

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The research behind a new initiative to raise awareness and knowledge of brain injury rehabilitation

28 April 2022

The research behind a new initiative to raise awareness and knowledge of brain injury rehabilitation

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How to use a compassion focused therapy approach to support staff stress

22 March 2022

This month we invited Dr Miles Rogish, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at The Disabilities Trust, to give us his personal take on the research he has been doing on compassion focused therapy.

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The science of dating after brain injury

22 February 2022

Some might think that a scientific take on dating might kill its aura of mystery and romance, unless, of course, for those who are passionate about science!

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