At the Trust, we not only deliver the very best care to the people we support, we also aim to develop a better understanding of the issues they face and improve their care further by doing research. Research is a crucial part of the service we deliver and helps us understand the best ways to support those in our care.

By doing research into different areas in brain injury, autism and disability, we can pioneer new approaches and treatments, which can ultimately change lives.

Here’s just some of the projects the Trust has worked on in the past:

  • In our autism services, a study found that positive approaches to challenging behaviour were effective in minimising these behaviours. This has now affected the way we support such behaviours and we have a dedicated positive behavioural support team in our services.
  • Studies carried out in our brain injury services showed that positive psychology interventions led to increased happiness and mood. You can read more here.
  • Before the pandemic, work was being carried out to create virtual rehabilitation environments. This is where people wear virtual reality goggles to practice skills in a variety of settings, such as in a rehabilitation centre service or at home. We hope to resume this work in the next year.

More on our past and current research can be found on our website: and