This year The Disabilities Trust has officially partnered with UK Charity Week, which runs from 4th - 10th December 2017. To celebrate this and help to raise awareness during the first week of December we are running a Twitter competition called #GetCrafty where you could win a prize!

It's simple, fun and anyone can enter:

  1. Take a photograph of yourself taking part in your favourite art or craft hobby
  2. Email it to before midnight on Sunday 10th December
  3. Include your name, contact details and why you enjoy this particular creative hobby
  4. We will tweet the entries and add our favourites to this web page too!
  5. The winner will be chosen impartially and announced the following week

So what are you waiting for?

We wish you the best of luck, see below for our entries so far...

Take a look at our UK Disability History Month campaign called #SeeMeNotDisability

John (above left) from our specialist brain injury rehabilitation centre Graham Anderson House has always been interested in art and attended Glasgow school of Art for six months during the early '70s. He then joined the Royal Marines and had a full career with them before retiring. His impressive painting of the Taj Mahal was created freehand completely from memory!

Claire (above centre) from The Disabilities Trust Foundation team loves to crochet and knit. She says: "I find it relaxing and love to challenge myself. I came up with BIRTie on my own and he took me weeks but I was so pleased with the result. I am obsessed with colour and love to take some time at lunch to see what I can do. The end results are always spectacular and I love to make gifts for friends and family”.

Andrew (above right) and a staff member from our brain injury service in Liverpool, Redford Court, painted this amazing scene from the little robin statue his Mum got him for Christmas. When asked whether he enjoys painting he said he enjoyed learning to develop his technique, especially the sea and the sky.

Kit Hardy, from Lewes in East Sussex, created this wonderful necklace from glass beads: "I love beadwork. Glass is my favourite material; to think it begins as sand and ends up like this is something I still find amazing. I especially love quirky old costume jewellery, of which I am an avid collector, so it was only a matter of time before I started making my own. Beautiful beads are a dying art and I like to think I'm doing my part keeping this wonderful craft still alive."

Andrew from Redford Court (above right and centre) is a huge Thunderbirds fan and made these models himself. When we asked why he likes Thunderbirds so much his face lit up and he explained that he's loved them since childhood when he thought they were real people. He loved their missions and wanted to join them one day.

Gareth (above left and centre), works in the Communications team and is a keen photographer. He's pictured here caught in the art of how not to take a photograph! He said of his hobby: "I've been taking photos for 20 years now and I'm still learning. Recently I've been reading books on different artists such as L.S. Lowry; Hiroshige; Edward Hopper and Monet; and trying to apply their use of colour, light and framing."

Sarah (above right) is from our Redford Court centre and enjoys tapestry. She has been crafting for a long time and enjoys tapestry immensely as she finds it helps her to relax and clear her mind. Sarah tried knitting at one stage but was unable to follow the patterns, but since she has discovered tapestry it has helped her to feel calm.

Raymond (above left and centre) is a service user at West Heath House, and enjoys using a number of media to express himself. He loves art and says: "I find it hard, but I love it. It helps me to relax, and I feel like I have really improved. I want to continue doing art as much as I can.”

Karen (above right) is a Business Administrator from Gregory Court. She made this advent Calendar for the centre this year. It stands at a whopping six foot tall and that way everyone gets to join in during the countdown to Christmas!

Rebecca (above left and centre), also from West Heath House in Birmingham, is a keen artist and says she: "enjoys using a variety of techniques. It has given me more confidence and I find I can express myself when creating different pieces." She is keen to study art further at college.

Stephanie and Jayne, (above right) from the Quality Assurance team, were busy making jewellery for #GetCrafty week. Stephanie explained: "Jayne is already an amazing jeweller. She made the necklace you can see in the photograph, as well as the necklace that I’m wearing. I asked Jayne to teach me as it’s always something I have wanted to learn how to do!"

Sandra, (above left) from Gregory Court is busy creating a cushion for Christmas. Lots of hard work is going into it and she is very, very proud of it.

Christian (above centre) and Robin (above right) are both from Ernest Kleinwort Court, our physical disability service in Sussex. Christian uses an iPad to look for the correct colours for his drawings and is also working on a tropical forest mural for the service. Robin can be seen in front of the mosaic he made, which is proudly on display at the centre's front entrance.

Ferenc (above left) has continually demonstrated his considerable artistic talents during his many years living at The Maples. He has tended to go through periods of working with different media, including clay, plastics, chalk, flint, photography, and even moulds of his own teeth! He also helped out the volunteers from Synopsys (above centre) who visited the service and tidied up the path in the sensory woods and built and planted herbs in a raised bed. Mark Lock, Support Worker thought they did a wonderful job: “We really appreciate their help and hope that they enjoyed their day and meeting some of the service users and staff.”

Catherine (above right) is the Business Development Manager in our Wakefield office and has set herself the task of, in her own words: "being creative and productive whilst not moving about and Rex can snuggle up - although he’s not so impressed with the end result... He just managed to open one eye for the pic. I've done lots of stockings already and am counting down to the 24th to reach my target!"

Graham Anderson House service user Sandra (above left) has been getting crafty sewing. She has learned so much and has really excelled, despite never having sewn before. She has produced a bag from scratch and has designed and made bunting for each of her daughters to remind them that she is always thinking about them, and to give them a surprise.

Matthew (above centre), a service user from Ty Aberdafen, spends every Wednesday afternoon at Parc-y-Bocs, volunteering in the gardens and on the farm. During the winter months he goes inside and mainly does wood work, which he really enjoys. So with support from Fiona Cull, Activities Coordinator, and the staff at Parc-y-Bocs he made a bench this week!

Vicky (above right), from Graham Anderson House, enjoyed making her own Christmas decorations and is rightly proud, as you can see.

The Shinewater Court Collective (above and below) is a group of service users that meets on Monday mornings with artists from Compass Community Arts. Since September 2016 the artists have been focused on developing their methods, styles and techniques in painting and have several examples hanging across the service.

Starting from top left, JJ likes using spray paint but dabbles in other media; Andy wants to bring a bolder 3-D effect into his work, and uses mixed media for his paintings, including sand; Stephen's favourite painter is Monet and enjoys creating maritime paintings.

Below - Liz shows tremendous skills as a colourist and creates bold, contemporary abstract paintings. "I enjoy doing this." She says of her work, "When I have the paper in front of me the colours just speak to me and I am delighted by how the painting come about." Glynn is: "most proud of the work I did on a picture for a friend’s wedding" which can be seen below. Hannah's style is bold and full of humour, she said: "I like painting as I have a really good artistic flair influenced by electronic music. I like doing paintings of animals as well because I used to have a cat and a dog and I think that animals are really interesting to paint”. with her.

Nina (above left), also from the Shinewater Collective, enjoys the feel of moving the paint with her hands and our artists finds ways of collaborating; and Val (above right) is a prolific artist and produces many different styles and just enjoys expressing herself.