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Why are meaningful goals important in rehabilitation, and how to keep our eyes on it

28 September 2022

Inspired by our eight rehab mantra “Eyes on the goal”, this month we turned our attention to the importance of using goals in rehabilitation.

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Update on autism and learning disabilities services

05 September 2022

The Disabilities Trust announces a new strategic direction – to focus exclusively on developing its brain injury focus and expertise.

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What is the neurobehavioural therapy approach to brain injury rehabilitation?

01 September 2022

People often wonder how rehabilitation works, and what it can achieve. A paper recently published on Frontiers Rehabilitation Sciences [1] describes how we do it in The Disabilities Trust.

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Understanding loneliness after brain injury

26 July 2022

This month we turn our attention to a recent article written by an international team of researchers, comprising of our own colleagues.

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The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 Statutory Guidance: The Disabilities Trust Response

22 July 2022

We are pleased to see that non-fatal strangulation has been recognised as a new offence in the government response to the Domestic Abuse Act 2021. However, we feel this guidance could have further committed to a number of measures.

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How research can promote good practice and innovation

28 June 2022

The Research Month initiative intends to encourage people to get involved and to raise awareness of the importance of research in promoting good practice and innovation.

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A long term approach to brain injury rehabilitation

17 June 2022

Everyone with a brain injury has the right to rehabilitation tailored to their needs, says Sara Hazzard. She is the Assistant Director of Strategic Communications at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and co-chair of the Community Rehabilitation Alliance.

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Supporting Lewis to meet his rehabilitation goals

15 June 2022

Using different therapies, our teams of specialists help people like Lewis come to terms with what has happened to them and adjust to the life-changing difficulties caused by brain injuries.

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“I’m more confident in myself than when I first went to Daniel Yorath House.”

14 June 2022

As part of the #ThroughOurEyes campaign, Lydia talks about how our support services gave her back her independence.

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Why rehabilitation needs to be personalised

13 June 2022

Every person’s experience of brain injury is different, says Dr Rudi Coetzer, Clinical Director at The Disabilities Trust. Rudi explains why this means we tailor everybody's rehabilitation to meet their needs and help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

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