Shinewater Court, our purpose built service for those with a range of disabilities, held a virtual visit for their MP, Caroline Ansell last week. Caroline spent thirty minutes speaking to Anita Cobb (Shinewater Court’s Service Manager), Millie (Support Worker) and residents: Dean and Jayne.

She was keen to understand the challenges the service and The Disabilities Trust have experienced during the past year and the ways we have adapted to keep our staff and those we support safe, whilst also continuing to provide high-quality care.

I found Caroline very interesting, wanting to know how we residents are coping at this present time and how did we cope in the first lockdown. It was great to be able to share with her how proud we feel in keeping Covid out of SWC to date.

- Dean

It was so lovely to talk with Caroline, when you think how busy people are yet she took time to call us and see how we are coping with the pandemic at SWC.

- Jayne