Coronavirus update on our services

At The Disabilities Trust we are taking the risks of coronavirus very seriously, and are doing everything that we can to keep the people we care for safe. We are taking every possible precaution and are doing everything we can to minimise the risk of infection.

In light of the most recent government guidance and to continue to provide the safest and best care for the people we support, we have updated some of our policies. You can read more about these below.


Many of the people in our supported living, hospitals and residential services are at risk of suffering severe effects of coronavirus because of their frail health. In accordance with the new advice, we now are reluctantly advising that all visits in person from families and friends to our services will no longer be possible.

In lieu of these visits, our staff will be doing everything they can to support people to be in regular contact via other means, such as phone and video calling. We are also working hard to find other technological solutions to keep people connected with their loved ones.

Admission and Discharges

In light of new government advice we will continue to admit new people, but will now require that they self-isolate for seven days in order to ensure that they continue to be symptom free (we would not have knowingly admitted anyone who was symptomatic with coronavirus into our care or rehabilitation services).

Discharges from our services may be delayed in current circumstances, and we are prepared for this in order to work in the best interests of our people.

Our aim is to continue safe admission for appropriate people and their families, and to value and support our staff in these challenging times.

Home leave

We regret that in order to adhere to the government advice, we must temporarily stop all home leave. This is an incredibly difficult decision to take, but something we must do to manage the exposure of our people to the virus and keep them safe.

We are encouraging a busy schedule of in-house activities, whilst observing the principles of social distancing, and making sure that the people we care for are as happy and comfortable as they can be during this difficult time.

If you have any concerns or would like to ask us any questions, please contact us by emailing