Country legend Dolly Parton has added her voice to those urging people to have the coronavirus vaccine. The singer updated her famous tune ‘Jolene’, adapting the lyrics with a clear message to others to overcome any concerns and have the vaccine. She changed the iconic lyrics to: ‘vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine. I’m begging of you please don’t hesitate.’ See more here -

As a Trust, we are strongly encouraging all of our staff to have the vaccine. We are pleased that Dolly has entered the debate and hope that her words will encourage others to have the vaccination too.

Anne Bygraves, Director of Operations at the Trust said: “It was great to see Dolly finding such a creative way to raise awareness of the need to have the vaccine; the biggest weapon we have in the fight against coronavirus. As such a great voice in country music and beyond, to raise this voice high to shine a light on this issue will hopefully encourage others to have the vaccine. As a Trust, our primary concern is to protect the people we support with disabilities and our staff teams and we recognise that every person having the vaccine is not only protecting themselves, but also helping to keep others safe.”

In addition, we were delighted to see that people with learning disabilities will become a higher priority in the rollout of the vaccination scheme, after a campaign to overturn an earlier government decision. Many of the people we support have already had their vaccination.