“During 2020/2021, we have faced things as educators and parents that we never imagined! All of the staff at Heathermount have been fabulous throughout. My child has felt like an individual the whole way through, his needs and that of our families being taken into consideration constantly. Speaking to the staff, and the tutor with her daily calls and work packs. My child has changed beyond recognition since starting at Heathermount and this has changed life for us as a family. So thank you all!” A parent of student at Heathermount school

The teaching staff at Heathermount, our specialist school in Ascot, which supports children and young people with autism and learning disabilities, have been continuing to keep students feeling safe and positive wherever they are learning during this lockdown.

Regular wellbeing calls home, checking in with families and offering support where needed, providing remote learning, and setting fun practical tasks and challenges at home and in school, such as making musical instruments and designing egg parachutes.

Our core values and ‘Star of the week’

The school has also continued with whole school values for students, whether they’re learning from home or in school. Every week a student from foundation, primary and secondary gets chosen for ‘star of the week’ and a certificate is presented to them, either virtually or in school, you can see some great ‘star of the week’ examples below.

Every term, the school focuses on a core value. This term the focus is COURAGE which was introduced at the beginning of the term and prompted/reminded during lessons and tutor time throughout the term. Students need to display the value independently and teaching staff nominate students who have demonstrated this value really well and a winner from foundation, primary and secondary is selected.

These are just some of the great examples of what the students have achieved to be chosen for ‘star of the week’:


  • For her efforts joining in with home learning on a screen. She was nervous and reluctant at first, but this week has tried really hard and attended 3 sessions.
  • For coping well with all the changes he has faced especially as this is only his second week at Heathermount.


  • For following the rules and fair play, as well as encouraging others when playing with his peers.
  • For engaging in English lessons, he always joins in with discussions and has some very good ideas. He is also great at helping with tech issues.


  • For working hard to show a positive attitude and effectively using his calming techniques and communication to resolve issues.
  • For asking lots of questions, fully engaging with his online work and asking for the teachers to check his work.

To find out more about Heathermount school visit their website here

Setting fun practical tasks and challenges at home and in school, like making musical instruments and designing egg parachutes!

Live lessons where the children can engage with their teacher

The secondary students enjoying the snow and the fresh air during their descriptive writing task in an English lesson