Eastfields service has doubled its occupancy, with a new extension to support an additional 12 people with brain injuries. The service will now be able to offer three separate bungalows providing 24 beds.

Eastfields is part of the continuum of care provided by The Disabilities Trust in Scotland supporting individuals with an acquired or traumatic brain injury. Eastfields opened in 2015 and is a registered Care Home for Adults delivering a health and social care model of support to individuals with an acquired or traumatic brain injury.

The Eastfields model of care has been very successful, and because there are few other providers of this brain injury rehabilitation model in Scotland, there is high demand for this specialist service.

Marie McConway, Eastfields Service Manager tells us:

“It’s very exciting for us. Ever since Eastfields opened there has been high demand for our services and to be able to double the number of people we can support will make a real difference to many people in Scotland.”

Hawthorn has 8 self-contained studio flats offering individuals the opportunity to reach their full potential in regaining their independence through on-going vocational and clinical input, and psychological and behavioural management. It offers long term placements but also provide the potential for individuals to transition into their own tenancy within the community or to return home to live with their family.

Bluebell is an 8 bedded unit for individuals who have complex, challenging behaviour and nursing needs, who require a specialist quality long term environment. Bluebell has 24-hour nursing provision alongside a high staff to service user ratio.

Thistle has 4 self-contained flats and 4 large bedrooms designed for long stay service users.