As The Disabilities Trust continues to back Chris Bryant MP’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Private Members’ Bill, our Director of Brain Injury Operations, Keeley Mitchell, has shared why she backs the Bill.

Alongside appearing in a video with other members of our Senior Leadership Team to share what the ABI Bill would mean to The Disabilities Trust, Keeley said:

“I have been so impressed in recent weeks over how, within my organisation and across the brain injury sector, partnerships have formed and people have used their voice to get behind one big goal of supporting Chris Bryant’s Acquired Brain Injury Bill. This feels like a huge challenge, but with significant rewards to improve the support available to individuals and families, who can find themselves in a new world without a map in the wake of a brain injury.

"In our services we work with people and their families to set goals, both big and small, to support their rehabilitation. I have seen how the waves of impact from a brain injury crash throughout a family, who can find it difficult to process and understand the rehabilitation journey. We try to work with families, when their loved one comes to services, to understand that it is so important to identify and celebrate the smaller steps to rehabilitation.

"It is those more bite-sized goals which remind me the importance of patience in the process. The moment a service user offers to make you a cuppa, following the first time they have done so independently since their

injury, will always make me smile and recognise the importance of those smaller steps in reaching our bigger goal of independence.

"Whilst the Acquired Brain Injury Bill is a big mountain to climb, I am adding my voice and encouraging you to do the same, so that together we can take steps to change brain injury rehabilitation for all."

You, too, can support the Bill by contacting your MP and asking them to attend the debate in Parliament on 3rd December or tagging them in social media.

To find out more about the Bill, visit: