After the exciting announcement yesterday from Government that they will commit to drafting an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) strategy to meet the needs of those with a brain injury across the UK, our Director of Communications and the Foundation, Vivienne, said:

“Ending the week on something of a high after the Government’s announcement yesterday that there will be a strategy for Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) - after a collaborative campaign to shine a light on a hidden yet life-changing issue.

“Many people have lived in the shadows, misunderstood and without adequate support to navigate the changes in identity, behaviour and engaging with others, which can result from a brain injury. The announcement is the first step in directing research, changing mindsets, providing services and enabling people to repair a fractured sense of self and relationships.

“I am proud that The Disabilities Trust was a key partner in the campaign to put a focus on brain injury, alongside Chris Bryant MP. I am prouder yet that we could bring our own evidence to the table about the change we need to see, pioneered through our neuro-rehabilitation services, as well as our innovative research and partnerships.

“It has been a long road to reach this point; one that has been paved with a lot of collaboration, behind the scenes influencing and tuning into the voice of the people affected by brain injury - which, especially for those in groups such as offenders and the survivors of domestic abuse, who are disproportionately affected and can fall through the cracks in the system - has long been muffled.

“This is a victory, but it is also just the beginning. We are poised to feed meaningfully into areas such as prevention, research on the causes of brain injury and how services could be shaped, particularly in prisons where our Linkworker service is already providing hugely positive interventions for offenders across sites in Wales.

“Much ingenuity will be required by the dedicated Programme Board, to be co-chaired by Gillian Keegan and Chris Bryant MPs. We will be delighted to support their call for evidence and any other way to push the strategy forward. Creativity, evidence - and a lot of determination - has helped us get this far. We would like to work with others collaboratively to build on this and to make even bigger strides. For now, a well done to my team! A big day.”