Rachel has been a resident at Gregory Court since 2008.

How did you feel when you first came to Gregory Court?
"It felt very strange at first but I love living here now. I love the location, my room, the garden and the food."

How did you get your brain injury?
"I suffered a hypoxic brain injury after falling down the stairs backwards. I no longer have any balance and my speech has been impaired."

Where did you live before Gregory Court?
"Before coming to Gregory Court I lived in a studio house in Basford."

What activities do you like doing at Gregory Court?
"I love pottery, gardening and painting. I take a lot of pride in making the gardens here look nice. I created personalised signs in pottery for everyone who lives here to hang on their doors and I am now creating painted canvases."

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
"I want to stay here and continue painting - I’m still learning at the minute."

Lucy Evans, our Service Manager at Gregory Court told us some more about Rachel’s love of painting. She said: “Rachel is the artist of the group and has inspired the entire service with her recent artwork. When I started at Gregory Court in 2018 I saw lots of Rachel’s old artwork. Rachel had not done any painting since moving to Gregory Court, and it is something staff have really tried to re-engage Rachel in over this last year. At the end of January Rachel greeted me with a smiling face and a beautiful painting! Rachel has now dived back in to creating beautiful pieces of art work, and asks the staff team to take photos on their walks of the scenery so that she can re-create it for them. We are all so proud of Rachel and how much she has achieved in such a short space of time.

"The painting she gave me takes pride of place at the entrance of the management’s office.”

Find out more about how rehabilitation services are making a difference to people with brain injuries. Read the Brain Injuries Outcome Report in full here - http://www.thedtgroup.org/media/163991/the-disabilities-trust-birt-outcome-report-2019-2020.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3X9xf_NBIRA04Nxoh4wfiwyH0L9XuE0yS9KI3XUdgbhA4SS4AIGWBh4Y0