Staff and the people we support at our neurorehabilitation service for people with acquired brain injury, Redford Court, in Liverpool, were among the first within the Disabilities Trust to have been given their Covid-19 vaccinations. Families of the people we support have expressed how the vaccinations are providing a positive step forward in such a difficult time - and helping them to edge closer to being able to hug again.

The parents of one resident, Andrew, who currently lives at Redford Court, said: “The hardest thing about the pandemic has been not seeing each other for such a long time.

“Andrew received the vaccination around New Year’s Eve, as well as his carer who we feel is like a member of our family. We simply cannot fault the staff at Redford Court, who have always been so supportive to us all, and have been working so hard throughout the pandemic.

“As a Christmas present we bought Andrew a Facebook Portal so we can now all see each other every day which is amazing and we can now blow each other a kiss every night.

“They (the vaccinations) provide a way forward for us to get back together. We are looking forward to when we receive ours as well and we can hug again.”

Lisa Kavanagh, Service Manager at Redford Court added “We have faced huge pressure during the pandemic and I am proud of the hard work and dedication from the team. We are also equally proud of the resilience of the people we care for in the face of the changes to their routine and restrictions on visits.”

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist at Redford Court, Dr. Ivan Pitman, said: “All of us at Redford Court are grateful to of be offered the opportunity to have the Covid-19 Vaccination. The safety of the people we support is paramount to us and whilst the staff have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, it is really positive to now have the safety net of the vaccination.

The vaccine is currently being rolled out across the UK, and the Government has pledged to vaccinate all health and social care workers by mid-February.

Ivan added: “My colleagues have welcomed being able to get the vaccination because they know it’s the greatest way to keep the people we support as safe as possible. Having the vaccine has boosted everyone’s morale - there is huge positivity and a light at the end of the tunnel, we are grateful to the NHS for all they are doing to roll the vaccine out.”