The Disabilities Trust has today contacted MPs urging them to write to the Government asking for changes which will make it easier for charities to focus on vital care through the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.

Before coronavirus, social care was already under funded, with social providers across the country having to make difficult decisions to provide the best quality care. This challenging environment has been exacerbated by the current pandemic, and whilst The Disabilities Trust continues to work hard to provide expert rehabilitation, care and support to those in our services, we still face significant challenges.

As such, today we have written to MPs and are asking the general public to help us call for the UK Government to make essential changes, to relieve pressure by supporting the following:

1. Better access to sufficient and appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves. This equipment is vital to enable our workforce to carry out their role safely and The Disabilities Trust’s supply is concerningly low. If this pandemic continues and changes are not made, we may not have sufficient numbers of PPE to keep our service users and staff safe.

2. For public bodies and commissioners to relax contractual targets and reporting, which is made harder as coronavirus impacts on staffing levels, resources and our capacity to respond

3. For commissioners to limit data requests and set realistic deadlines for service providers, recognising the enormous impact this pandemic is having.

4. All public bodies and commissioners to pay all outstanding and upcoming invoices promptly (within a week) to relieve financial pressure

These are unprecedented times, but The Disabilities Trust will continue to operate and adapt to ensure we can still give outstanding care to our service users. With coronavirus, however, set to impact the country for several more months, more needs to be done to support charities to meet the challenge faced by coronavirus and ultimately help us keep the people in our care and staff safe.

If you would like to help us campaign for these changes, please tweet the hashtag #EveryDayCounts to colleagues, friends/family, your MP and other influential people in the media to show your support.You can download a copy of the letter here.

To contact The Disabilities Trust, email or call 01444 239123