Our Values

Here at The Disabilities Trust we are inspired and motivated by the people we support; this is the foundation on which we built our culture and values.

In the first half of 2019, staff across the Trust have been introduced to a new set of values for the organisation, carefully considered and developed by staff members themselves. Through face to face chats, surveys and focus groups, discussions took place about the existing behaviours embodied at the Trust, and how these will help to create our new culture and values.

Therapy Assistant Anna Lightfoot, who attended a focus group, said “Since the workshop I have a better understanding of the purpose of having values and how they can create a focus in the workplace which can be used to inspire all the staff within their roles.

Business Administrator, Sandra Thomas, explained how the new values would impact service user families: “I think they would be pleased to know that we are happy to move on and take things on, and try to improve all the time.

The culture at The Disabilities Trust embeds the newly introduced values and behaviours that equate to: aiming high, with our service users, our colleagues, our customers and for the organisation; fulfilling potential in the people we support and in our colleagues; exploring new ideas and continuing to learn together - whilst being accountable; striving to do things better and to make a positive difference.

We are:

Agile - we are forward thinking, responsive, resilient and flexible to ensure we continue to evolve and spot potential

Resourceful - we spend time and money wisely empowering people to think differently whilst being practical and commercial

Courageous - we do the right thing, step up, try new things and are bold and aspirational through positive risk taking

Connected - we collaborate; create positive relationships, listen and learn from others and keep our promises

We have Heart - we show dedication, passion, humility & care to make a lasting and measurable difference

These values will continue to be embedded across the organisation and will inform everything we do from going about our routine daily work to supporting people at some of the most challenging times of their lives.

Watch our staff speak about what the new values mean to them in the video below.

Find out more about our accompanying vision and mission here.