New figures to be released on International Women's Day show charity bucking national trends

National charity and care provider The Disabilities Trust unveiled gender pay figures which show that the organisation is bucking the trend and that, overall, women working within the Trust's 1,500-strong staff team earned slightly more (+2.6%) than the men in 2017. The Trust's statistics compare favourably with other voluntary sector organisations, where men earned, on average, 12.4% more than women.

This is the reverse of the picture within most UK employers - where on average men earned 13.9% more than women - because over 300 of the Trust's 500-plus middle and senior managers are female. Consequently, there is a significant gap (+40%), between the average stakeholder payments (bonuses) paid to men and women in the Trust. Whilst both genders are paid the same rates for the same role within a service, the higher proportion of senior women in posts which attract increased levels of Managers' Stakeholder Payments leads to an average £97.23 difference in bonus payments.

Irene Sobowale, CEO of The Disabilities Trust, said:

"It is great to see that we are going some way to redressing the national balance on gender pay, with the Trust's female staff earning more due to the high number of women working as managers and senior managers within the Trust.

"However I am keen to see as diverse a workforce as possible, with our male and female staff working in a range of different roles at all levels; this is an area we will continue to develop as we seek to become an employer of choice within our sector."

View The Disabilities Trust Gender Pay Gap figures and explanatory text.

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