As part of BIRT’s Forensic In-Reach Brain Injury Service (FIBIS) the Trust’s consultant clinical Neuropsychologist Dr Ivan Pitman and consultant clinical psychologist Dr Rachael McNulty have recently delivered a 5-day intensive training course at Rampton High Secure Hospital, part of Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust.

The course, entitled Neuropsychologically Informed Rehabilitation, has been developed by Drs Pitman and McNulty from a premise of Antecedent control, which in layman’s terms is the management of the environment to reduce those frustrations and irritants that may lead to undesirable behaviour.

Neuropsychologically Informed Rehabilitation is a model of managing those individuals who present with undesirable behaviour as a result of cognitive impairments. This model emphasises proactive management to prevent any escalation in an individual’s behaviour. The goal of Neuropsychologically Informed Rehabilitation is to reduce an individual’s difficulties in order to increase their participation in various functional activities.

The course, delivered over 5 days in 10 modules, is presented with comprehensive training material including a detailed workbook, PowerPoint presentations, role plays and module assessments, to ensure that participants can make the most of this training event.

The training programme for the course has been delivered within a high secure hospital, within several medium secure settings and at regional training centres for prison based staff. As well as direct care staff (i.e. support workers, nurses and prison officers), other disciplines who have attended the training include Psychology, Psychiatry, Occupational Therapists, C&R / MOVA trainers and Educational support staff.

FIBIS, a service provided as part of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, provides a range of bespoke solutions for those working with people in prisons and the secure estate, and those on probation, who have a brain injury.

If you want to know more about the work of the Foundation and FIBIS please contact:

For FIBIS - Elizabeth Wilce (Social Exclusion Project Manager) on 07515 993748

For Foundation - Claire Coffey (Foundation Associate) on 07773 814260

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