“The Disabilities Trust supports people who need and deserve timely, dignified and high quality care. The latest Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) survey reflects the everyday financial struggles faced by our charity to continue to support our 1000 service users, against an escalating crisis in social care. The report clearly indicates the pessimism amongst leaders and the impact of the current delay of the social care green paper on people’s lives. With a £7 billion reduction in adult social care funding since 2010, The Disabilities Trust agrees with the assessment of ADASS that “this situation has a very real and damaging effect on the day to day lives of people who need and provide care.” The Disabilities Trust has nearly 2000 courageous and resourceful staff making a difference to our service users every day. However, the reductions in funding have made our ability to recruit and retain our skilled and caring workforce evermore challenging.

With the acknowledgement from former Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt that cuts have gone too far, immediate action is required from the Government. We urgently call on ministers, parliamentarians and the new Prime Minister to end this mounting care crisis and put in place both immediate and long-term, sustainable funding to ensure the continuation of high-quality and affordable care. We look forward to working with officials, partners and parliamentarians to resolve this crisis.“

Lynsey Robertson - Director of Business Development and Marketing