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Ambitions for research in acquired brain injury

25 May 2022

The ongoing Call for Evidence to inform the Government’s national strategy on Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) has prompted us to reflect on our ambitions for research in acquired brain injury.

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The research behind a new initiative to raise awareness and knowledge of brain injury rehabilitation

28 April 2022

The research behind a new initiative to raise awareness and knowledge of brain injury rehabilitation

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The Disabilities Trust maintains minimal gender pay gap in 2021

30 March 2022

Following analysis of data for the year 2020-21, The Disabilities Trust has published its gender pay gap report, which shows a small gap which is far lower than the industry average.

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How to use a compassion focused therapy approach to support staff stress

22 March 2022

This month we invited Dr Miles Rogish, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at The Disabilities Trust, to give us his personal take on the research he has been doing on compassion focused therapy.

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Rehab Mantras at the Trust

21 March 2022

In 2022, our Research and Clinical Leadership teams joined efforts to launch a new initiative to get our staff thinking about the underlying principles behind our approach to brain injury rehabilitation, introducing monthly ‘Rehab Mantras’.

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The science of dating after brain injury

22 February 2022

Some might think that a scientific take on dating might kill its aura of mystery and romance, unless, of course, for those who are passionate about science!

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Seeing the trees and the forest: The value of outcomes repositories

18 January 2022

Recording clinical data on a general database is not always the top priority in a busy practitioner’s long to-do list, with many unsurprisingly citing practical reasons as barriers to recording outcomes in this way [1]. The other side of the coin, though, is that much can be learned by analysing pooled outcome data.

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My work as a community support worker at the Trust, by Emma Webster

17 January 2022

At the Trust, the services we provide aim to help people live as independently as possible, develop their lives as they choose and participate in the wider community. This couldn’t be done without our incredible staff, including those who work on the front line with the people we support.

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Looking back and looking forward: our research year in review

21 December 2021

Lockdowns don’t make research easier, and 2021 welcomed us with one. We used the opportunity to reflect and review our priorities and processes, with the aim of increasing focus and engagement in research and improving how we share our learnings more broadly. In early 2021 we implemented our renewed Research Framework, and we’ve been busy with this ever since.

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Our Director of Governance and Quality Assurance, Victoria, shares the importance of lived experience for the development of the ABI Strategy

09 December 2021

As the year draws to a close and we continue to celebrate the Governments announcement of an Acquired Brain Injury strategy, our Director of Governance and Quality Assurance, Victoria, shared the importance of lived experience involvement in the development of the strategy.

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