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One small step on the long road to recovery

17 February 2021

Alongside the rest of the sector, we continue to be concerned by the Government’s refusal to reconsider the position of those with learning disabilities and autism in the vaccine priority list - despite the disproportionate number of deaths from Covid-19 in this group*. So, we were delighted to see that those who live at Hollyrood, our residential and day centre service for people with autism in Haywards Heath, have now been offered the vaccine and afforded increased protection.

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In memory of Tricia Bygate - Her story of rehabilitation at Daniel Yorath House

16 February 2021

Peter Bygate, the brother of Tricia Bygate who received rehabilitation at Daniel Yorath House tells us her incredible story.

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How Heathermount School are supporting the children and families of pupils in lockdown

11 February 2021

The teaching staff at Heathermount, our specialist school in Ascot, which supports children and young people with autism and learning disabilities, have been continuing to keep students feeling safe and positive wherever they are learning during this lockdown.

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Neurodiversity in a Criminal Justice System – a milestone in the acceptance to support those living with acquired neurocognitive differences

10 February 2021

Dr. Ivan Pitman, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist at The Disabilities Trust, shared research by the trust which shows Brain Injury in adult males, women and adolescents within the Criminal Justice System is up to five times higher than the general population, at the Neurodiversity evidence review round-table on February 10, 2021.

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Complex care and wellbeing - Frank's story

09 February 2021

Our complex care and wellbeing service is for people who can’t be safely discharged into other settings. In 2019-2020, seven in 10 people admitted into our rehabilitation centres were discharged within 25 weeks or less, depending on the severity of their problems. But in some situations, people with more complex needs require ongoing care and support. They will move onto supported living services or may be discharged at a later stage.

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2021 - The Year For Social Care Reform by CEO Irene Sobowale

01 February 2021

Irene Sobowale, CEO of The Disabilities Trust, comments on social care reform in 2021 with a focus on a reappraisal of the way health and social care services are delivered in this country, with emphasis on real integration and preventive care.

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The Disabilities Trust welcomes revision of Domestic Violence Protection Notices

29 January 2021

New statutory guidance will recognise that survivors of domestic abuse may have sustained an acquired brain injury (ABI) for the first time - following campaigning from the Disabilities Trust.

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The Disabilities Trust submits evidence to support neurodiversity in the criminal justice system

15 January 2021

Today, The Disabilities Trust submits evidence on the need to support neurodiversity in the criminal justice system and our extensive experience in meeting the needs of offenders with a brain injury. The call for evidence was included in the Lord Chancellor’s Sentencing White Paper to further understand the prevalence and the quality of supportive provision available to neuro-divergent individuals in the criminal justice system.

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Staff and people we support at Redford Court receive Covid-19 vaccination

14 January 2021

Staff and the people we support at our neurorehabilitation service for people with acquired brain injury, Redford Court, in Liverpool, were among the first within the Disabilities Trust to have been given their Covid-19 vaccinations.

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West Heath House Refurbishment

13 January 2021

West Heath House underwent a major refurbishment in 2020 with eight newly refurbished bedrooms, new flooring throughout the unit, a new meds room, a new clinical office and all corridors refreshed, repainted and looking great.

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