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Supporting resilience and our 40th anniversary year

22 December 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, The Disabilities Trust's CEO, Irene Sobowale, reflects on our 40th anniversary year. She talks about resilience in the pandemic, the year's highlights and challenges, and plans for 2021.

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The Disabilities Trust comments on the decision to use concussion substitutes in football

16 December 2020

The Disabilities Trust comments on today’s decision by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), confirming the use of extensive trials of concussion substitutes in Football to ensure that all head injuries are properly assessed off the field of play.

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"I'm proud to have been there at the very beginning of The Disabilities Trust"

15 December 2020

As The Disabilities Trust's 40th anniversary year draws to a close, co-founder and former chair Stephen Love talks about why he's proud to have helped set up the charity. Here, the 86-year-old great granddad of four explains how he met joint founders Barbara Besant and Norman Thody and shares his memorable moments from the early days.

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Caroline Ansell MP has a virtual visit to Shinewater Court

14 December 2020

Shinewater Court held a virtual visit for their MP, Caroline Ansell last week.

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Jocelyn Gaynor, Head of Foundation, comments on the issue of brain injuries in contact sport

09 December 2020

Head of Foundation, Jocelyn Gaynor comments on Rugby Football Union's concussion lawsuit.

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Irene Sobowale, Chief Executive of The Disabilities Trust, lends her voice to a new report

26 November 2020

Irene Sobowale, Chief Executive of The Disabilities Trust, lends her voice to a new report analysing social care challenges which coincides with the Spending Review announced yesterday by the Chancellor.

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Supporting vulnerable people with brain injuries through our Foundation

17 November 2020

To mark our 40th anniversary, Head of Foundation, Jocelyn Gaynor, shares highlights of The Disabilities Trust Foundation's work. This includes everything from guaranteeing screening for all prisoners with brain injuries caused by domestic violence, to a large-scale study of traumatic brain injury in homeless people in Leeds.

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Anne Bygrave comments on PHE Report

16 November 2020

Anne Bygrave, Operations Director of the Disabilities Trust, commented on the recent report from Public Health England (PHE) which reveals the coronavirus death rate among those with a learning disability was 30 times higher in the 18-34 age group.

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“I have always been really impressed by The Disabilities Trust”

10 November 2020

A decade after she became Vice Patron at The Disabilities Trust, sports commentator Gabby Logan reflects on our 40th anniversary. “I met Rupert when I went to the opening of a Disabilities Trust home eight years ago. He was very lively and funny and had a lot to say. He was a virtuoso French Horn player and was set to be a top musician. But, at 18, he had a car accident and his brain no longer functioned in the way it used to. He needed care because he couldn’t do things for himself any more. But, on that day, and with the impressive and attentive care of The Disabilities Trust staff, he was very much a live wire.

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I love being an Occupational Therapist because it stands for the very essence of person centredness

04 November 2020

“Imagine having to relearn a skill such as telling the time or tying your shoelaces. We have the skills to help someone to perform all of the day to day tasks that we take for granted.” This week we are celebrating the work that our Occupational Therapists do within the Trust for #OTweek2020.

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