The team at The Woodmill, our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) service in Cullompton, Devon. were delighted with their ‘Outstanding’ report from the CQC which was awarded in 2017. Amongst the words of praise were the fact that ‘People were at the centre of their care. Their needs were comprehensively assessed and rehabilitation support plans and goals were highly personalised and drawn up with the full involvement of each person together with their family, friends and/or advocates.’

Here a mother talks about how the report influenced her decision that it was the right place for her daughter and how pleased she is that she made that decision.

"I would like to reiterate how impressed I am with The Woodmill. As you know, I read the CQC report of every appropriate provider of services for my daughter, before visiting you in Cullompton. Yours was one of the very few with an Outstanding rating. Since my daughter has moved to The Woodmill I can see why this recognition of excellence was awarded.

"The person-centred approach to which you aspire is evident in every aspect of the care you provide. I mentioned to you that it is difficult to tell who is a therapist and who is a carer; this is due to the commitment and energy of every member of your team. The positive ethos and culture was evident from the moment we walked into the place; this has been consistent on every visit.

The positive ethos and culture was evident from the moment we walked into the place; this has been consistent on every visit.

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"In the very short time that my daughter has been with you, she has made clear progress and is visibly calmer and healthier, physically and mentally. Therapy sessions began immediately, despite the season and holiday period. More has been done for her since she has been with you than in the whole time she was at her previous placement. Both she and I feel respected by you all and I am thrilled by the way in which I have been involved in decision making regarding every aspect of my daughter’s life with you.

"I had occasion to meet my MP (Sarah Newton, Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work) and was delighted to be able to tell her about your wonderful service. What is stated in your brochure is evident in your practice and this deserves the highest accolade."

The Woodmill specialises in the assessment and rehabilitation of people with an acquired brain injury and complex needs including physical, cognitive, behavioural and/or emotional difficulties, such as social functioning and disinhibited behaviour. It also provides a continuing brain injury rehabilitation service for people with longer term needs.

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