Milton Keynes Community Choir, have donated £200 to Thomas Edward Mitton House.

Thomas Edward Mitton House works with people who have to cope with a range of cognitive, physical and / or emotional symptoms following a severe brain injury. Rehabilitation is based on a neurobehavioural approach and focuses on enabling service users to function more independently and to participate in as many of their previous roles and activities as possible, while developing their lives with privacy, dignity and respect.

Milton Keynes Choir make donations into a fund from a weekly draw, once the pot reaches £200 they pick from a list of charities given by the various members. TEM was lucky enough to be chosen this time.

Hayley Wicker-Bradbury, Fundraising Manager said: "local community support is vital to enable the men and women we support the opportunity to become more independent. Gifts such as this enable trips out, materials to be purchased or therapies to become available. Thank you so much to the choir for choosing to support Thomas Edward Mitton House".

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