A donation of £1,416.66 was sent to York House, a specialist neurobehavioural assessment and post-acute rehabilitation hospital for people with a non-progressive acquired brain injury. It forms part of the nationwide network of specialist rehabilitation centres provided by the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT).

The donation follows the TBB Book Signing in York and is to be used specifically to fund two months music therapy from Nordoff Robbins for the service users at York House. The funds were raised from a combination of a raffle, sale of promotional items and a donation from the event organiser. Additional funds from the Huw Thatcher Trust means that the service has now secured enough funding to have music therapy for a whole year.

music therapy session at York House

The event organiser Helen Stothard has seen first-hand the benefit of music therapy sessions. Lesley Edwards, the raffle manager has a close friend who has suffered an acquired brain injury, and several attendees had experience of acquired brain injury or working with Nordoff Robbins. The book signing was attended by over 40 authors and around 150 readers from around the world who all contributed generously either by supplying raffle prizes, purchasing tickets or merchandise or a combination of both.

Everyone involved with the book signing is delighted to have been able to support such a fantastic cause.

Service Manager Nicky Plowman said: "Thank you to everyone involved in the TTB book signing and particularly Ava Manello for nominating York House. Music Therapy for those with Acquired Brain Injury is a key therapy supporting communication and both physical and emotional needs. It truly is a positive therapy bringing joy and a feeling of achievement for those who participate."

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