"The Retreat’s proposals will not change flagship building plans."

The Disabilities Trust today reaffirmed their commitment to develop and expand the Trust’s 38-bed brain injury hospital at York House on Heslington Road which supports adults with complex brain injury, behavioural and mental health issues.

The news comes after the Trust’s landlord and York House business partner, mental health charity the Retreat, announced its proposals earlier this month to withdraw from inpatient services. The Trust’s Director of Strategy and Business Development, Cath Murray-Howard said:

“York House will remain open and indeed we aim to expand our services for people with complex brain injury and mental health issues and, long term, to deliver these through a new and innovative flagship building, preferably on the Retreat site. If circumstances mean we are unable to do this, then we will source alternative land in the area for the new building.

“In the meantime, we are discussing our current lease with the Retreat, as our landlords, with a view to remaining on the premises for the next couple of years ahead of developing the new York House centre. We are determined to continue with our successful and highly specialist brain injury support for men and women across the North of England and beyond.”

York House has recently opened an all-female ward to cater for the increased demand for women across the country with complex brain injuries.

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