Dr Miles Rogish and Dr Thomas Elanjithara recently hosted a webinar discussing the neuropsychiatric model advancements made at York House.

The Neuropsychiatry+ Model is supporting our population group in a holistic way, striking a balance between medical and psychosocial approaches. Changes made are helping York House to identify progress markers during a service users stabilisation period, to better understand appropriate level and timely commencement of the neurobehavioural rehabilitation model, to maximise outcomes.

Part of the Neuropsychiatry+ Model implementation at York House is the inclusion of positive psychology and person-centred approaches into practice. Compassion Focused Therapy is a new psychotherapeutic approach that has been proven to be highly effective in a number of areas. Its techniques have been utilised at York House to inform neuropsychological formulations to understand our service user’s difficulties and emotional processes.

Click here to download the slides from our webinar on Advancement in Approach: Neurophychiatry+ and click on the image below to watch the full session.

“I appreciate the opportunity to present my recent research and share some of the innovative work we are doing in our service York House. This is yet another example of the quality of service we provide.”

Dr Miles Rogish

“This shines a light on innovative treatment process in complex presentations in the field of Neuropsychiatry. We look forward to sharing the stories about the difference that it makes in people’s life, the service users and staff alike. We are excited by the prospect that the discussed treatment process can provide longer lasting skills gain and better quality of life with cost savings in the longer term”

Dr Thomas Elanjithara